*Please be sure to read Why Take Creatine after this page as well.

Below are some of the Dangers of taking Creatine. We strongly encourage users to review each of these risks before they decide Creatine is right for them!

Wrong Dosage Creatine Wrong Dosage can lead to harmul side effects.

Arguably the biggest danger with the use of Creatine is not following the recommended dosage. Creatine is a supplement and has some very specific instructions on how to take it. Users who do not follow these instructions increase their risks tremendously. Not following the supplement’s instructions can severely effect you even more in the below dangers!!

Kidney Problems

Kidney Disease from CreatineThe use of Creatine (in recommended dosage) has been show to increase the potency of urine by 90 times (Source WikiPedia). Although no long lasting study has been performed on humans in regards to this, it can be assumed that with the current toxicity levels of urine that sometime that much more potent could cause kidney damage. The main concerns being a potential for direct toxicity on renal tubules where urine is formed, and for acceleration of kidney stone formation. In addition, because of the increased potentcy, taking Creatine often makes the user test a false positive for kidney problems. It is often referenced that drinking additional fluids (ie: 10+ glasses of water) can lessen the chances of testing false positives.

Heat Exhaustion Heat exhaustion can be caused by Creatine

There have been instances of athletes having Strokes when taking Creatine. Although no studies have directly linked it to  this, several people believe metabolic changes from high doses of creatine in the body can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Muscle Cramps

Creatine has several dehydrating effects to a user’s body. This can lead to moderate to severe muscle cramps in some users. If this occurs during a workout this can obviously cause bodily harm (ie: Cramps while lifting causing you to drop a weight).
Cramps caused by creatine

Dehydration Creatine causes dehydration

The risk of dehydration with Creatine is perhaps the most accepted danger of it. The usage instructions on the supplements should clarify how much water you should take with it, however many people suggest taking even more to avoid minor-moderate dehyrdration. As previously mentioned Creatine does cause dehydration in it’s process. This is a very apparent risk and should not be taken lightly.

There are several other minor/major claims of the dangers of Creatine but these are the most common/widely accepted problems. Follow some of the testimonials and stories on the front page to hear some individual cases. Also please be aware that most of these are reported over time from many users. There has been very little actual studies done on humans to prove most of this or to outlaw the use of Creatine.

If you choose to use Creatine, please stay safe!